Fantasy Faction 2012 Anthology: Update

Previously, I posted about the Fantasy Faction 2012 Anthology. Well, there’s more news that I can announce–and I can finally link to the live site, now it’s been up and functional for a few days. Please visit the Fantasy Faction Anthology site, and if you’re interested, check out the full details of the anthology writing contest.

The dates for the competition have been announced (the contest opens shortly, February 1st: details available on the anthology’s dedicated site) and more whispers about contributors have been drifting about. Already those writing material for the anthology include Jon Sprunk, Mark Lawrence and Michael J. Sullivan: a very impressive initial list.

The anthology is available for pre-order (I have mine, do you have yours?!) from the website, and you can already add it to your Goodreads reading list. Fans of fantasy are sure to enjoy a book packed with short stories from some of the most imaginative and prominent writers of the moment.

Fantasy Faction is a veritable miracle: that the site hasn’t been around for even eighteen months yet, speaks volumes as to the organisation and dedication of the main team behind it. I am both excited, proud and humbled to be able to write for them: writing for Fantasy Faction is an absolute pleasure and I feel am definitely part of something awesome, fantabulous and steeped in pure, distilled cool.

Check out the site, make yourself at home, and get excited for what’s set to be the hottest fantasy short story anthology around.



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