Blackwell High Fantasy Night [UK] – A Fantasy Faction Shindig

I keep saying lots of great things about Fantasy Faction. As well I should, since they’re an awesome bunch of people that I’ve said countless times I’m happy to be affiliated with and be a part of.

Well, things just keep getting bigger and better over at Fantasy Faction. Later this month (Friday 17th August), Marc and Paul will be hosting/co-hosting an event in league with Blackwell’s books, in London (UK). But that’s not all! The amazing thing about this is that authors Myke Cole, Peter V. Brett and Joe Abercrombie will be at the event, signing books and hanging out—generally doing all the cool things that cool authors usually do.

Pretty amazing, right? For details of the event, check out the official Facebook event, and check out the location, date and time. To save you a bit of work, I can tell you the event is being held at Blackwell’s bookshop on Charring Cross Road, in, as said, London. The event will run from 18:30 – 20:00, but it’s likely the people from Fantasy Faction will be hanging around the bars and cafés near Charring Cross Road for quite some time after. As a rule of thumb, 20:00 might well be when Blackwell’s closes its doors and starts sweeping up, but the Fantasy Faction staff, members, and people (and the writers) might be hanging around for casual drinks and chit chat.

Regretfully, I won’t be there, but check out the event page, book some tickets, and meet three big-name writers and make some new SFF friends from one of the biggest and fast-growing SFF sites in the UK. Plus, it’ll be a blast.



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