Trailer Reveal – Broken, by A E Rought

Another little treat today, in that I’m part of the reveal for the fantastic new book trailer for A. E. Rought’s upcoming gothic romance fantasy, Broken. Another winner from Strange Chemistry, Broken is one of those books I almost overlooked. I didn’t in the end, and I whizzed through my ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Strange Chemistry. My review will follow within a day or so of the trailer reveal so that all the attention is on this fantastic book!

Broken tells the story of Emma Gentry and Alex Franks, but not everything it as it seems. After months of missing and mourning her boyfriend Daniel, who died after a sudden fall, Emma starts being inexplicably drawn to the new guy at school. Rumours abound and despite everything telling her she’s not over Daniel, Emma is pulled towards Alex like a magnet. Alex is mysterious and enigmatic and no matter what she does, how she approaches her developing feelings, she doesn’t understand just what makes him tick. 

It doesn’t beat for me.” 

Within minutes of meeting Alex she is reminded of Daniel: he knows things only Daniel could and when he looks at her, she feels like she’s his dream come true. 

It doesn’t beat for me.” 

As time goes on and Emma succumbs to her feelings, unable to do otherwise with Alex as a magnet and him baring his soul to her, warts and all, she begins to discover something deeper and darker behind the things Alex knows and feels. When he begins to emulate Daniel more and more Emma just can’t turn a blind eye. Then there’s the fact that one mention of Alex’s name to his father at the medial clinic and he broke her already fractured hand. 

Nothing makes sense in Emma’s world and despite herself, Alex is at the centre. No matter what she does Alex is trouble, but he’s trouble she wants. 

When finally Emma digs deeper into the mystery and finds his father’s line of work and discovers the strange and wrong creations that walk the grounds of his home, she knows something is very, very wrong. What she doesn’t know is that discovering the Franks’ secret might just see her dead.

My upcoming review will tell you just why Broken deserves your time, but let me tell you that this is a 5* fantasy-horror read that is just so compelling and relentless that you won’t want to put it down. So there’s romance and that can get a bit soppy… Not here! Not with the Gothic sensitivities and creepy atmosphere. And frankly if it’s a romance, who cares? Hot guys and hot girls and a dark secret threatening to tear them both apart? I’m there. So there, that I read this book in no time and loved every second. It’s a modern offering of a classic Gothic novel and you don’t find those every day. Give it a chance and you’ll likely wind up a bit of an Emma/Alex fanboy, just like me. In short: Broken is awesome and you should read it as soon as it comes out. In fact, go preorder it, right now. You will not regret it. 



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