Strange Chemistry 2013 Line Up

Broken-144dpiAnyone who reads this blog knows I am just a little bit of a Strange Chemistry fanboy. Needless to say I am extremely excited about the line up of releases for 2013, some of which I have been lucky enough to receive ARCs of (whether ebook or physical) and others I am so far anticipating eagerly. The Strange Chemistry blog detailed their upcoming releases yesterday but these are my personal favourites that I’ll definitely be buying. Some of them may look a little familiar…

January’s release is Broken, which I reviewed earlier today. This book is so many shades of awesome it’s difficult to express just how much everyone should go out and read it. It’s a gorgeous, Gothic fantasy romance and that in itself should make it worth your time. What might be better than to start the New Year with a pretty-covered book to pop in your backpack and show off on the train with? It’ll go down a treat with your afternoon coffee and warm up those chilly January nights. Pantomime-144dpi

Pantomime drops in early February and my review couldn’t possibly make Laura Lam’s début shine any brighter. Escape the cold days with all the glittering heat of the circus and delve into an exciting world where secrets abound and mythology comes to life within those secrets. Micah Grey will dazzle you with his life and the circus whilst Iphigenia Laurus will lure you away from the mundanity of day-to-day life in search of who she really is. You’ll join her, won’t you? Of course you will! With this delicious cover and the wondrous story that unfolds within, you won’t be able to resist.

In April there’s a new kind of treat coming. Emilie and the Hollow World looks like something new and special and I am eagerly anticipating this book.

While running away from home for reasons that are eminently defensible, Emilie’s plans to stow away on the steamship Merry Bell and reach her cousin in the big city go awry, landing her on the wrong ship and at the beginning of a fantastic adventure.

Taken under the protection of Lady Marlende, Emilie learns that the crew hopes to use the aether currents and an experimental engine, and with the assistance of Lord Engal, journey to the interior of the planet in search of Marlende’s missing father.

With the ship damaged on arrival, they attempt to traverse the strange lands on their quest. But when evidence points to sabotage and they encounter the treacherous Lord Ivers, along with the strange race of the sea-lands, Emilie has to make some challenging decisions and take daring action if they are ever to reach the surface world again.

EmiliestheHollowWorld-144dpiOne look at that blurb and I’m there faster than Potter on a Firebolt. And that’s fast.  The cover is just, wow, and with the promise of steamships and gaslight fantasy… well, I think we’re in for something very special.

In June there’s the very handsomely-covered The Pirate’s Wish, which is the eagerly-awaited sequel to Cassandra Rose Clarke’s The Assassin’s Curse. With the promise of short stories to whet the appetite and more Naji and lots of Eastern promise, I am very excited to delve back into the colourful world Clarke presented in the first book. More pirates! More deserts! Manticores! Brilliant. timthumb

When we get to July, I start to let out a little fanboy squeal. Why? Because there’s another book by Gwenda Bond and wow, did I enjoy BlackwoodBack with another standalone novel, Bond stirs things up in another exciting urban fantasy mystery adventure whatsit that blurs genre lines and creates something entirely new and different. The so far coverless book sounds amazing… and I think you’ll agree:

The more things change…Ten years ago, the gods of ancient mythology awoke all around the world. The more things stay the same…
This morning, seventeen-year-old Kyra Locke was late for school.

But that’s not out of the ordinary in a transformed Washington, D.C., dominated by the embassies of divine pantheons and watched over by the mysterious Society of the Sun that governs mankind’s relations with the gods. What is unusual is Kyra’s encounter with two trickster gods on her way home, one offering a threat, and the other a warning.

Kyra escapes with the aid of young operatives from the Society, who inform her that her scholarly father has disappeared from its headquarters at the Library of Congress and taken a dangerous Egyptian relic with him. The Society needs the item back, and they aren’t interested in Kyra’s protests that she knows nothing about it.

Now Kyra must depend on her wits and the help of everyone from a paranoid ex-boyfriend to scary Sumerian gods to operatives whose allegiance is first and always to the Society. She has no choice if she’s going to clear her father’s name and recover the missing relic before the impending summer solstice.

What’s at stake? Just the end of the world as Kyra knows it.

Then there’s When the World Was Flat (And We Were in Love) in September, following the sequel to Kim Curran’s Shift in August. October seems to be a bit of a secret month for Strange Chemistry and I know what I’m hoping the unannounced sequel is! November sees something I am very excited for, in the sequel to Katya’s World which I adored. I am very eager to see how Katya’s War pushes Katya’s story and I am hoping to see Haviland Kane again.

Strange Chemistry

So there you have it, a quick and biased rundown of the 2013 releases I am most anticipating. It’s set to be a good year!


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