Identity in Science Fiction and Fantasy – Guest blog post request!

Fantasy_eye_by_xViolentBeautyxI would like to extend an invitation to genre bloggers, writers or anyone interested in participating to write a guest post on this blog.
Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about identity and belonging and it’s just too big a topic to tackle alone – there are so many different ways of approaching the subject and its inherent subjectivity means that it really is a topic for discussion.

Generally I am looking for people who are really passionate about the topic, to say what identity means to them, as a reader or a writer, and how identity and belonging are expressed (or not expressed) in genre. I’m hoping to get at least some interest in this and I’d really love to plumb to topic for all its worth and get some good and varied

5601663-hand-writing-on-parchment-with-a-golden-pen insights on what identity means in genre.

If anyone is interested in this (and this is the first time I’ve done this, so be gentle if I suck and it flops) you can contact me via the “contact” tab on my site, or via Twitter, where you can “@” (Leo_Cristea) me or DM me (though that’s more complex since we need to be following each other!).

The spectrum of what I’m looking for here is very, very wide, as is the subject matter, so if you don’t think your idea for a post will work, before discarding it, drop me a line and we can decide if it fits. If I get any interest I’ll assign days for the posts to be due, but I’m not a slave driver and this isn’t Sparta, so it will be casually organised.

If nobody is interested I’ll just quietly shuffle off, okay?

Get in touch if you’re interested. It would be fantastic to get a collection of posts about this.


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