Tainted Blog Tour – An Interview With Alex Franks

Since they’re fun and I kicked off the ball with my interview with Meda from Cracked, I’ve delved yet again into the fictional world and coerced Alex Franks into answering some questions. The mysterious boy Emma can’t stay away from in Broken and the protagonist PoV in the recently released TaintedAlex is about forty-two shades of cool. He and I could be total bros. Please enjoy the interview and then hurry off to buy Broken and Tainted, both of which I kind of loved incredibly hard.

In your head, when you think of Emma, what song is playing on loop?
                                                         It would have to be Kiss Me, by Ed Sheeran.

In that vein, what tracks would definitely be on the CD of the soundtrack of your life?
                                                         Dedicated to my father: Fix Me, by 10 Years. Breaking Inside, and If You Only Knew, by Shinedown. Perfect, by Burn Season, and Good to you, by Mrianas Trench for Emma.

Pretend you’re a normal teen: what do you most want to spend your Saturdays doing?
                                                         Sitting on my butt, playing video games with my best friend while our girlfriends debate which movie we should see next.

a51d4fff258bf615537cb656fdcefc06In the movie of Alex Franks and Emma Gentry, which actors would play the leading roles?
                                                        This is a hard one! Gimme a minute, let me text Emma and ask her… Okay. Em says, “I think Liam Hemsworth would be great. Or maybe Asher Book.” Don’t ask me who those guys are. The Hemsworth one sounds familiar. Wasn’t he in Expendables 2? For Emma, I would have to cast Emily Browning, like she is in Sucker Punch, with the long blond hair. Maybe Chloe Grace Moretz, or Dove Cameron. 9f199a82cef777a6a8cdf62c886a582d

Which fictional character, from any medium, do you most relate to? Why?
                                                       Harry Potter. Raised in adversity, both parents gone, still has a good heart and fighting the good fight. Besides, who wouldn’t love to live in a world of magick?

If there was one thing you could change about yourself (barring Daniel’s heart!) what would it be? Why?
                                                       I would’ve stood up to my father a long time ago. Maybe my mom would still be alive if I had. If there was one thing I could change about my life now, it would be having my mom in it. I miss her terribly, and I know she would love Emma.

You’re an ice cream flavour – which one, and why?
                                                      Is there a vanilla latte flavour? Vanilla because it’s a great supportive base, and latte because I’ve got plenty of energy, and can get things done when I have to.

Imagine you’re a tube of paint: what colour are you?
                                                     Red, I think. I’ve still got a lot of unresolved anger at my father, and all he’s done. And I’m head over heels for Emma. red-paint-1

What was the second thing that went through your head when you saw Emma for the first time?
                                                    After thinking, “Oh God. She’s real, she’s not a dream!” I knew I had to meet her. I almost did at the Walk-Up window, but chickened out. I had to redeem myself later, even if I sounded like an idiot later.

Which fictional villain scares the hell out of you the most? Why?
                                                   The operative in the movie Serenity. He’s a believer, and willing to do whatever it takes. That level of belief, that level of dedication, is scary.

Imagine you’re at away at college in the future: describe a day in your average life? Chances of this actually happening for real?
                                                  I would get up, kiss Emma because we’d be in the married housing. We’d get breakfast, and go to class. Bree would meet us for lunch, then head off to her drama class, while Emma went for classical literature. I’d head toward some prerequisite class I needed to knock out before med school.
Chances of that happening? Pretty damn high.

Your favourites: book? TV show? Song? Movie? Season?
                                                 Book would have to be The Cuckoo’s Egg, by C.J. Cherryh. Recent favourite TV show is The Ultimate Fighter, really makes me want to get back to training in MMA. My favourite song changes all the time, recently it’s been just about anything by The Glitch Mob. Favourite movies would be the Harry Potter series. Fall has always been my favourite season, the crisp air, the comfort food, and horror movie marathons on TV!

Inara6You have to cosplay, which character are you? Why?
                                               Captain Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly. He has the best lines, and I love his dedication to his crew. Plus I think Emma would look great as Inara.

Your biggest irrational phobia?

Turn out your pockets: what’s in there right now?
                                              A receipt for gas. A pill case, with my meds. Car keys. Oh, in my back pocket there’s a letter from Emma. But…I don’t think I can share it.

What’s the last text message in your phone inbox?
                                            From Emma, in response to my last message: Of course I’ll be there with you. You shouldn’t be alone when you open your mom’s box. ❤

What was the grade of the last exam you remember?
                                           Physics, and it was an A. Regardless of m bank account, I want into college on merit, not money.images

Most frequently eaten food? Is this your favourite?
                                          Probably pizza. And, no, it’s not my favourite. I love a good, medium rare steak done over charcoal, with sautéed mushrooms on top.

What’s the desktop wallpaper of your laptop?
                                          Two deer, a buck and a doe with the tree behind them in Fall colors. I took it on my property.

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin?

Which DnD class would you play?
                                        Magic user, definitely.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
                                       Oh, wow. There’s so many to choose from! I would love to have the mental powers of Phoenix, with the control of Professor Xavier.

You can shape-shift: what’s your animal?
                                      Wolf. I’m an Underworld junkie.

Thanks, man, for bridging the gap between the real world and fiction *knuckle bump*. And thanks to Ann Rought for knowing her characters inside out enough to play along. You can buy both Broken and Tainted right this very instant (something you should really do! As in, reallllyyyy do: what better Halloween reads are you going to find, seriously?!) and connect with Ann on Twitter or her website. And since she’s incredibly cool, you should totally check her out. 

And, if you feel like catching up with Alex’s girlfriend Emma, check out this character interview with her over at Library4Delinquants

You should also enter the massive Tainted giveaway (and excuse the crappy limitations of free wordpress blogs in making Rafflecopter’s job freaking difficult… follow the link, guys…!): a Rafflecopter giveaway


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