Book Trailer: Some Fine Day, by Kat Ross

This is one of those Strange Chemistry books that was acquired and announced during my period of Wow, Fibro Is Totally Kicking My Ass, so I missed it (along with a slew of others surrounding it). So image how I felt when I saw the absolutely incredible cover! It’s simple and striking and screams sci-fi. And I love me some YA sci-fi. The lovely people at Strange Chemistry must be excited about this book too, because they released this book trailer. It’s… well: just watch it and find out.

Are you squeeing yet? No? Because I know I am. ∩( ・ω・)∩ I’m not a fan of book trailers in general (I think they can be quite silly…) but this. This is how you do a book trailer. Credit for the trailer goes to Kim-Jenna Jurriaans (@Transient_mode). Enjoy, and get pre-ordering (where possible) and marking the release date for Some Fine Day on your calendars. This is going to be a good one. 


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