Witch Fire, by Laura Powell [Burn Mark #2]

Title: Witch Fire (Burn Mark #2)
Author: Laura Powell
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication date: 11th April 2013

admin_1-asset-5163f082e3d48Witch Fire, the second Burn Mark novel, tells the story of Lucas and Glory’s next assignment—and it makes me want to petition Laura Powell to write all the books because I had so much fun with this. The second adventure of witch and witch, teen secret agents of WICA, are off out on another case that might turn out to be a thousand times more dangerous than they’d planned for, and reveal more about themselves than either ever thought possible.

Enrolled at a don’t-ask-don’t-tell private school for witches where the law regarding minors and bridling is loose and malleable, Glory and Lucas must put aside their still-differing views and band together in order to uncover a possible intelligence operation bent on recruiting young and disillusioned witches into a terrorist group.

Lucas, still coming to terms with his fae, and Glory, still reeling inside from the events of Burn Mark must try to remain as invisible as possible at this school of so few pupils, where although nobody is enrolled against their will, the discipline is strict and their every action is monitored. It will not be easy to find what they’re looking for. If it’s even there at all.

Unable to practise witchcraft, Glory soon begins to chafe and her temper blossoms into something fiery as she uncovers the secret Lucas has been keeping from her—the secret involving her mother and his own father. Driven away by her own anger and seizing an opportunity to flee to the other side of the world, Glory rushes off, heedless of the consequences of deserting WICA. She’s too mad to think and with Lucas having betrayed her trust…what else is she to do? But whilst on her own, Glory becomes entangled in something even she might not be able to magic her way out of; something that might make the recurrent nightmare of burning at the stake become a reality.

Lucas feels terrible. Struggling with his developing feelings for Glory—and the obviousness of hers for him—Lucas decides he, too, must do what he can to help Glory, by striking out on his own and following after her. WICA be damned, but Glory is too important to let go and wasn’t it his fault that she left the school and their assignment in the first place?

So with their assignment cancelled, Lucas and Glory travel to a small part of South America where witches are not treated in quite the same way as elsewhere in the world; where the Inquisition does not hold power supreme over witchkind. But once landed, so far from home, the two realise that there is a dark underbelly to everything—just as there was with the Inquisition in London and its corrupt Inquisitors, revealed by the events of Burn Mark. Before long, Glory is in deeper than she can handle and it will be up to Lucas to come to her rescue—along with an unexpected ally or two—like she did for him at the hands of Gideon. Only what if Lucas is too late? The plot in which Glory finds herself all tangled up is so big it’s beyond her imagining and she has everything to lose. And what if some thorns are determined to remain in your side, no matter how far away you think they are?

More fun than Burn Mark and with twice as much heart, Witch Fire is an utterly compelling book with unlikely romance, humour and a dark knot tied at its centre; so much will be revealed and take place that it’s impossible to imagine there not being more books starring Glory and Lucas. The ending deliciously mirrored the start and made me a solid fan of Powell’s teen witch-agents. Thrilling and with more than a few surprises, this book is just so good. A hundred times better than the already fantastic Burn Mark, this second adventure was a page-turning thriller of a book that offered everything from spying and magic to danger and deceit. Fun, fast and quirky and in all the right places, I’ve utterly fallen for Glory and Lucas.5-star copy

Pacy and deft and one hell of a ride, there’s little to say about this book other than: read it. Read Powell’s WICA agents and lose yourself in a world so close to home that is so almost the same it’ll make your toes curl in the hope that magic really is real and the next time you look up, you might just spot the blue jackets of WICA agents in training.

Magical, fun and exciting—this can’t be it for these two, can it? Say it ain’t so. A deliciously-developed relationship, both working and otherwise, woven between two books that merge action, intrigue and modern sorcery into one hunk of magnificence. Just brilliant.


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