Blog Tour: RPGing with Hanna Euli (The Wizard’s Promise)


As part of The Wizard’s Promise blog tour, I thought it would be fun to do something different. So, instead of a character interview or guest post, Cassie and I came up with a RPG version of Hanna, by using ~loosely~ the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop system. We used the 3.5 system, with (I think!) a far more concise and attractive character sheet from ver. 4. I think. Basically, I used Google-fu and picked the one that looked the best. Together, (and with the help of my brother on my part to do all the statting that makes my brain boggle) we have taken Hanna and dunked her into a liberal helping of good old DnD gook. Enjoy~

The sketch of Hanna was drawn by Cassie herself. Now, once you’ve got to know Hanna a little through her character profile, you should check out The Wizard’s Promise and follow her sudden and unexpected adventure. Whilst nothing much like her namesake, Hanna is just as much fun and definitely a girl you want to get to know. Also check out The Assassin’s Curse and The Pirate’s Wish, also by Cassandra Rose Clarke, to read about the adventures of Ananna and Naji. Both of which are excellent.

To connect with Cassandra, check out her website , Goodreads, Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

NB: That big cross? See that? That’s where “speed” goes. The description for “speed” is how far the character can move per turn. In squares. It might be a thing in the US to play with counters on a board, but I’ve never played that way – ever! We’ve always just roleplayed and had a DM who kept track of movement, etc, carefully enough so that you just don’t need the restrictions of a game board! Just sayin’~ ∩( ・ω・)∩

hannacharactersheetp1 copy




















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