YA books vs YA movies — Part 1: The portrayal of the female main

My brother is kind of amazing. Plus, this saves me writing it all! 😉

The Serpent's Quill

mortal_instruments_city_of_bones_ver11So we’re seeing more and more YA novels making it to the big screen these days. YA novels that all sport female mains at that. And it should all be a wonderful thing, right? Because it portrays these strong, complex female characters and reaches out to potential new readers? And sure, I’ve been one of those people who ended up reading the book after seeing the movie of Divergent and really liking it.

But reading the book showed me one thing: adaptions of YA books really do screw some shit up. Seriously. To the point that after reading Divergent, I think that the movie adaption is actually OMIGODpretty shitty. Sure, it’s a good, entertaining movie that is a thousand times better than the movie adaption of City of Bones could ever hope to be. But it is nonetheless a very inaccurate representation of the book.

downloadThere are several things that irk me…

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