[Product review] Leschi Fox Warming Pillow

Item: Leschi Fox Warming Pillow
Colour: Midnight
Purchased: Amazon.co.uk (also available from leschi.de (please note that this site is in German!)
Price: £24.99
Rating: 4/5

2016-03-06 11.34.43The funniest thing about purchasing a microwaveable warming pillow (though it can be heated in the oven… but this just doesn’t seem a great idea to me!) is that, prior to ordering Noah the City Fox, we didn’t have a microwave. We’ve just never needed one for cooking, so never bothered. But, I can’t deny how useful one will be for heat therapy, and I’m sicksicksick of using bad-for-the-environment Deep Heat patches, etc. So I went on a heat therapy buying spree!

Noah the Fox came first.

I have a lot of issues with pain in my neck and shoulders, so it seemed only logical to get this baby first. I have a couple of other things on the way, but they weren’t on Prime so have yet to arrive. Grr.

I love this pillow! The box is cute and fun and I love when companies try to be friendly and maybe even a little twee about products such as this. It’s nice. The box is obviously recycled cardboard, which makes me happy, and literally nothing in th2016-03-06 11.39.10e package will get chucked in the bin instead of recycled. Furthermore, there is no additional packaging bar the box and a teeny slip of instructions. The box is the perfect size for Noah to curl up in. No wastage whatsoever.

The box is attractive with a pleasing design and the little fox inside is adorable. 2016-03-06 11.35.31I got mine in black because, well, me. The filling is 100% organic wheat, but with no lavender like you’d find in some similar products. I was a little disappointed by this, and that’s the single reason why this got a 4/5 instead of a full 5. When heated, the wheat can smell a little… bakey, I guess. And if you happen to heat Noah up too often, there can be a very wheaty scent lingering in the room for a bit. It’s not really an issue, just something to note if you’re incredibly sensitive to smells and don’t particularly like wheat.2016-03-06 11.35.52

The pillow is light, but sturdy and a very good size for its intended place – draped around your neck and shoulders. One of the best things is that Noah is not too bulky and you can comfortably wear him around your neck for as long you might need. And when he goes cold, just pop in back in the microwave for 2 mins and he’ll be ready to snuggle again. Granted, the heat retention period isn’t super long, but then I don’t have much experience with microwave heatable therapy, so maybe the advised time of 45 mins isn’t so bad?

2016-03-06 11.36.27Our foxy is made of a soft fleecy fabric and feels soft and pleasant. He’s also adorable.

The best thing about the Leschi fox is that he’s so, so light and not big or bulky and therefore slightly unwearable if you’re trying to just get on with your day in spite of the pain. Noah the Fox is good for that.

My only improvement would be to add lavender inside along with the wheat, as this would be a vast and pleasant improvement. Maybe one day I’ll do a little surgery on the poor thing and add some myself.

2016-03-06 11.37.29Overall, I would definitely recommend these for any spoonie who could benefit from heat therapy for their shoulders and neck.

I thought the price was good, too, compared to how much others cost and this one has the benefit of actually being tailored to shape.


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