Health Update: Blood Test Results & X-Rays

13228058_849461041825680_672486022_n (2)So I’ve been freaking out all last week, knowing that Dr S was going to call. After the blood he took for the tests last week, he said that he would not call if there was nothing new showing in the same tests (plus some more) that I had done when I was first going through the diagnostic process of getting the fibromyalgia as a Thing on my file. He said he would call if there was something.

And I knew he was going to call. I guess I know my body, and so I know that over the past few years, things have been developing in new and different ways. Also, at the time, I barely even knew what chronic illness was, let alone that you could be disabled by it, and so we got the diagnosis of fibro very easily and, due to my severe social anxieties, it was a perfunctory appointment with a specialist (once) that means we probably didn’t discuss things in full and might have ended up with more tests and other avenues to go down. Oh well, that ship sailed and even if we were out at sea for a while, we’re back on another, better boat now.

So, he called my brother (my proxy for life, negl) and he lost the signal due to weird Vodafone blind spot juuuust left of his desk. He said call for a phone appointment in the voicemail, and my anxiety skyrocketed into space. When we made the phone appointment for Thursday at twelve, I knew we’d be out with a friend helping with Operation: Be Yourself, so, my anxiety shot into orbit.

Anyway, he called and there are things happening!

I need to see a rheumatologist again, since the level of this one thing that relates to inflammation in the body used to ring in at a bit of a wishy-washy (but still sliiiightly elevated) 11ish. It’s now 48. Forty-eight. The waiting list for a rheumatologist is as long as the Amazon river. But, because Dr S is fantastic, he looked into a few things and if I get x-rays done within two weeks, I have a referral to an Early Arthritis specialist.

So! I got the x-rays done on Friday, since it was easier than leaving it for days and days and letting me get more and more worked up over the idea. Getting the xr-ays done was kind of a nightmare, when I thought it would be easy. Turns out he wanted my hands, feet, and my most problematic knee done. The hands and feet cooperated, more or less (though holding my hands in the position, flat as possible, turned out to be far more uncomfortable than I’d expected), but it was the knee that decided to cause problems.

I had to hold my knee straight, or “normal”, I suppose. Apparently, that isn’t what my knee does naturally, so, correcting it to that “normal” or “resting” position was very hard, and it triggered such bad pain it’s not even funny. I had a straight on x-ray done and a side-on one done as well. Encouragingly, from what my brother saw of the knee (and the little “oh” of surprise from the nurse) there seems to be something weird going on with my patella. All I know is the pain lasted way, way, way into the evening and night and did not quit for the remainder of the day. I went to sleep with the same excruciating pain triggered by the x-ray.

Which wasn’t great, but hey. The x-rays are now done and will be sent to Dr S, who will do his thing and get me that referral. I am not looking forward to it at all. It means more peopling and I cannot people, so it will be anxiety through the roof, stress skyrocketing, etc, etc. All the good stuff.

Either way, all the fussy parts are done, and I suppose the x-ray experience informed me of two things: the way I hold my knee, which I hadn’t registered before and also, the fact that holding my knee in that position messes with pain around my patella, as well as what feels like nerve pain at the back of my knee. And at this stage, any info to pass on is a bonus.

On the plus side, the nurse was very cute.


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