About Leontii

I’m Leontii (somtimes “Leo”; never “Leon”), aspiring author, blogger and changeling faerie prince, somewhat wayward of my Court of Eternal Winter at present. (Which is troubling, because I do love winter best.) If I were the pin-badge wearing type, I’d likely wear buttons declaring,  “really, really freaking neuroatypial”, “anxious af!”, “panromantic!”, “asexual!”, “doing-his-best-to-be-anti-racist-and-intersectionally-feminist!” and “really, really loves books and also cats!”. I mostly read and write YA fantasy and science fiction, hold a BA(Hons) and MA in Creative Writing and Creative Writing and Critical Writing respectively. Far less excitingly, I’m disabled and chronically ill, living my life by spoons and generally hauling ass in my wheelchair (which really needs spray-painting black).

When writing: I write about the queer, neurodivergent, disabled heroes that I needed (and still need) to read about. I write about people like me, because most authors never even think, let alone try. I write about magic and gods and things that don’t exist because life’s more fun that .

When reading: I judge harshly. Now. I haven’t always (as many of the oldest reviews on this blog now suggest) but I’ve done my best to learn and read more critically. I will always read diversely where possible and diverse books will always take priority over those that are ten a penny. I look for myself and other marginalised people in the SFF I read and if there’s no existence of me in a fictional world, background or otherwise, then that book needs to work harder. But listen, though? I’m a queer, disabled, neuroatypical guy who questions gender and practises a religion that isn’t really recognised by people (unless it’s to misrepresent in Urban Fantasy)–you really don’t need to try that hard to get a hit.