What I review:

  • YA Fantasy and Science Fiction (including, but not limited to, urban fantasy, dystopian fantasy, paranormal, epic/high fantasy, cyberpunk, space opera, etc, etc, etc)
  • Regular Fantasy and Science Fiction (including but not limited to, all of the above subcategories)
    Supernatural Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • Horror with a clear fantasy or supernatural twist

What I do not review: 

  • Literary fiction (at all)
  • Horror without supernatural or fantasy elements
  • Romance without supernatural or fantasy elements
  • Comedy
  • Non-fiction

This is a small—teeny—blog, but I enjoy what I do and every word spoken about a book might just result in one more reader.

don’t review self-published books because I don’t have the time to weed out the things I want to read of the quality I expect from a book. Whilst many self-pubbed books are of the same standard of traditionally or small-press published books, some aren’t and I don’t have the energy to hunt them down. Please don’t simply send my your self-published book to review: I’ll just feel bad about saying “no”.

If you do think I might enjoy your self-pubbed book (look at my reviews; see what I expect from the books I enjoy) then contact me telling me about your book and I’ll decide from there.

All reviews are written by me and are entirely my opinion.

Naturally, I don’t accept money—this is a labour of love. Reviews are honest (to a fault) and entirely my own opinion, and not influenced by the publisher or the author in any way. Any queries should be directed through my contact form at the top of the site.

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