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This page is an ongoing process but is in desperate need of updating.  (SO much updating!) So here’s where you can find all the articles I’ve written for Fantasy Faction in the meantime, and at some point this page will act as a full database instead of being literally years out of date. Oops.

Below you can find a list of links to all my articles and interviews for Fantasy Faction, with a brief description as to their content. (Go check out the main site and forums at Fantasy Faction, too: We’re a relatively new website, but one with incredible reach and a fast-growing reputation, thanks to the hard work of everyone on board.


Dragons in Fantasy:
Part One :”Introduction”
Part Two :”Type, Race, and Sub-Type”
Part Three :”Asian Dragons”
Part Four :”Slavic and European Dragons”

Here I talk about dragons in fantasy, where they appear, and their roots in mythology and folklore around the world.

Magic in Fantasy :
Part One :”Introduction”
Part Two : “Real Magic”
Part Three: “Ancient Magic”
Part Four: “Alternative Magic”
Here I talk about magic in fantasy and explore its different types, and where they appear in the genre. 

Vampires: Origins, Evolution and Role in Fantasy
Vampires are a staple of genre fiction, whether it is horror, gothic or fantasy (urban, or otherwise): here I take a look a their origins in literature, and the course of their evolution.

Grandfathers of Fantasy
A brief consideration of fantasy’s “Grandfathers”: writers whose work has laid down the foundations for the genre as we know it, including modern-day grandfather, whose work has become a cornerstone in its own right, despite its more recent publication.

Politics in Fantasy  A discussion on politics in fantasy, and how the theme can be explored.

Fantasy as Mythology – How fantasy can also become a mythology.

Fantasy Worldbuilding – Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers

The Sídhe: From Gaelic origins, to the modern market
A close look at the Sídhe of Gaelic myth and folklore, and how they are presented in fantasy.

Demons in Fantasy: A very, very brief consideration of demons in fantasy literature.

The Changing Face of SFF: A brief look at how fantasy has changed over the years.

Elves in Mythology and Fantasy: A brief consideration of elves (light and dark) and their origins and evolution.

Disability and Imperfect People: Not all fantasy heroes/heroines are strong, perfect, and able.

Mythology in Urban Fantasy: A brief examination of the subject, with an admittedly limited viewpoint which focusses on entirely what I’ve read (The Dresden Files) and a few series besides.

Languages in Fantasy: A consideration of the use of imaginary language in SFF, beginning with Tolkien and comparing his use of language with modern SFF expectations.

The Evolution of Sexuality, Homosexuality and Gender in SFF: Part One: An introduction to a four-part series on sexuality/sex, homosexuality and gender in SFF. Part one introduces the subject matter with a few examples, and lays out the topics for later articles in the series. Part Two: A chronological look at the development and evolution of the topic. Part Three: The presentation of LGBT themes and its presence/non-presence in mainstream SFF. Part Four: The final part of this series, covering traditional sexuality and gender and their constant evolution, alongside rounding up and bringing the series to a close.

YA Science fiction and Fantasy: Part One: An introduction to the subgenre of YA SFF, a four-part series. Part Two:  A brief look at the history of YA SFF and its origins. Part Three:  A few opinions as to why YA SFF is so important. Part Four: A spotlight taking a look at important or influentual YA SFF authors.

The Doors are Open: SFF Goes Mainstream: A commentary on the changes SFF is undergoing and how far more of a mainstream consideration the genre is becoming, mainly due to a wider variety of media including video games and movies.

The Magic of Books: Being a Reader A bit of rambling about how amazing books are and the “occupation” of being a Reader.

Balancing the Scales: Read More Female Authors in 2014 It’s only right that women become more of a mainstay in the fantasy world, since they are just as talented as men and command words and worlds just as competently. Equality all the way…

Fandom and Creativity: In which I talk fairly intimately about fandom and precisely what it creates.


Interview with Jon Sprunk, author of the Shadow Saga.
Interview with Mark Charan Newton, author of the Legends of the Red Sun.
Interview with Elspeth Cooper, author of The Wild Hunt trilogy.
Interview with Blake Charlton, author of Spellwright and Spellbound.
Interview with Chris Evans, author of the Iron Elves.
Interview with Mazarkis Williams, author of The Emperor’s Knife.
Interview with Kelly McCullough, author of the WebMage series, and Broken Blade.
Interview with Cinda Williams Chima, author of the Heir Chronicles and the Seven Realms series.
Interview with Benedict Jacka, author of Fated, and the forthcoming  Cursed and Taken.
Interview with Peter Orullian, author of The Unremembered.
Interview with Laura Lam, author of the upcoming (2013)  Micah Grey series, beginning with Pantomime.
Interview with Lou Morgan, author of Blood and Feathers and the upcoming Blood and Feathers: Rebellion. (Part 1, Part 2)
Interview with Elizabeth May, author of the upcoming YA historical fantasy The Falconer.

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