Friday Flash Reviews


As I briefly mentioned already, I am way behind on reviews. We’re talking 2014 kinds of behind. So this (hopefully!) weekly feature of me posting a less-involved (but no less enthusiastic) review every Friday is an attempt to remedy that. Honestly it’s astounding to me that I still even receive ARCS to review when I’ve been so terrible actually blogging, but I’m not going to complain!

So, each week, there will be a new catchup review in order to chip away at the mountain of books still to review. Not read–that didn’t lapse during the Lost Years, thank all the gods. The point of these reviews is to, as quickly and concisely as possible, yell and wildly gesticulate about all the books that deserve notice and praise. As for the bad ones? Well, I’ll attempt to bitch and groan in as timely a fashion as possible (which will be challenging…)

Why am I so behind on reviewing if I’ve been reading?

Let’s just say that from 2014 until about midway last year (2016), life in Leoland was chaotic, to say the least. From losing a very close friend to my chronic illness/disability really turning itself up to the max, things were not conducive to Doing Things in a timely manner and so pretty much everything like reviewing and blogging became a thing of memory.

As for now?

I’m still sick and still trying to navigate how the hell you’re supposed to be a person-thing with a chronic illness–but I’ve levelled up since and know a little more of what I’m doing.

Let’s hope that can change now. Having at it.