September Tarot Spread

I’ve always had a connection with tarot cards, which kind of figures, since I’m a practising witchy pagan. But in the last few years, as my life got rockier here and there and I lost myself a little in the chaos, I disconnected a little with these things, including the tarot cards. But, here I am!  Along with the intention of posting daily card readings to my Instagram, I’m going to post both my month ahead readings and my smaller week ahead spreads as well. Maybe they’ll help you like they help  me, or maybe they’ll pique your interest in learning more about tarot and modern witchcraft practises (which I intend to blog more about).

  • september-7th-2016The Devil
  • Son of Pentacles
  • Ace of Cups
  • Two of Swords
  • The Hanged Man
  • Ten of Pentacles

Oh, what a month ahead! Mercury’s retrograde definitely features in the energies and experiences for the month, but there is the potential to ride out whatever trials of heart and mind are introduced or exacerbated this month. Be ever mindful of the smiling, baiting Devil. He sees you and you see him – and oh, he knows it, too. Powered by the chaotic fluidity of the retrograde, this Devil will seek to lead you astray. But he is in direct opposition with the Son of Pentacles, who is set a about his course, trudging ahead with his determination to wherever he is headed.

Yet especially with the trickery of the Devil afoot this month, the Son’s dogged and stalwart approach is likely to lead straight into the goat’s smiling clutches, with our stoic Son too set to glance up and reassess his way. The Devil might be you – the personification of all the little brain gremlins you house and how they all lie to you every day. But instead of the goat, choose the clever perspective offered by the Hanged Man. The Bat knows its strengths and weaknesses and plays to them. It sees the situation the way it must and holds no illusions that it is upside down. Yet, this is because it is meant to be upside down. View a situation from the way you need to see it, not anyone else. Your perspective is what you need to stay the course through the trials of the Devil and lead to the waiting energies of the Ace and Ten.

It’s going to be a busy month, emotionally and spiritually, but there is a reward for all the chaos you’ll endure. The energy of the Ten is boundless yet calm, and pitted with both the Devil and the Hanged Man, it feels knowing, as if fully aware of what’s going on. And it is – let the calm fullness of the Ten keep the overflowing energy and emotions of the Ace in check, backed up by the determination of the Son to keep to your goals and see them through, without forgetting the perspective of the Hanged Man. If you do, the Two of Swords reminds us that you can block yourself by getting into a stalemate with the Devil and the overwhelming emotions of the Ace if you try to a battle too hard or in the wrong way. There’s a lot on the bat this month. Trust bat and keep those ten, whole Pentacles in sight as you channel the Son’s determination.

You’ve got this.